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Full Line of Automotive Services

We offer a full line up of service automotive repair and maintenance services. Beckwith’s Car Care is the place to call when you need help with your car or truck!

Oil and Filter Service – Your vehicle needs this service more frequently than any other. It is also a great opportunity to come in and meet the outstanding service professionals at Beckwith’s. You can drop off your vehicle, take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service or enjoy our comfortable waiting room featuring Free Wi-Fi, flat screen television, complimentary cookies, water, soda and coffee while our staff of ASE certified technicians takes care of your vehicle.

Brakes – Our complimentary brake inspection is a great start to understanding the funny noise you may be hearing when you apply your brakes. Your vehicle does not have to be making noises for you to have this done. We are always happy to check your vehicle so that you can drive with safety and dependability. Should you need brake service you can count on the team at Beckwith’s to complete your maintenance or repair with quality parts.

Air Conditioning and Heating – No matter the season our specialists will keep the cabin of your vehicle comfortable. As always, we promise to use the best parts and perform your repairs efficiently and with fair value.

Check Engine Lights – and other dash lights such as your ABS Anti-lock Brake System, Traction Control, TPM Tire Pressure Monitor, Stability Control indicate a malfunction in complicated systems and can be confusing to motorists. You can count on our dedicated staff to help you understand exactly what is happening with your vehicle, and of course, what you need to have done to correct the situation.

Engine Performance and Emissions – We invest in the most up-to-date equipment so that keeping your engine running smoothly with optimum performance and fuel economy is possible.

Tire Rotation, Inflation, Balance– Your tires are your vehicle’s only contact with the pavement. Our COMPLIMENTARY TIRE ROTATION service will help extend the life of your tires – we do this for free whether you purchased them from us or not. Think of us as an old fashioned gas station and feel free to stop by and have your tire pressure checked and inflated. We utilize computerized wheel balancing equipment should you need this service. Rubber is expensive these days and we want to help you get as many miles as possible from your tires.

Wheel Alignments – We utilize the most advanced Hunter wheel alignment technology performed by trained and certified ASE technicians. Texas roads can easily knock your vehicle out of alignment, so consider our economical Alignment Check as an annual maintenance. We will check your alignment specifications at a reduced price and should you need adjustments you can choose to do them for a small additional charge.

Steering and Suspension – Steering and suspension systems play a part in the way your vehicle handles and even its safety. A qualified technician will test drive your vehicle and then accurately inspect your steering and suspension system at no charge to you.

Transmission Service and Repair – Many symptoms that seem to be related to your transmission are not due to major internal issues, but are instead related to sensors, computer controls and other drivability issues. From minor repairs to complete transmission replacement, you can count on the staff at Beckwith’s. Many of our complete transmission replacements come with Warranties up to 75,000 miles.

Factory Scheduled Maintenance – We approach vehicle maintenance in a very unique way and do not believe that you should be charged a set price at different mile intervals. Instead, our technicians review your vehicle’s current condition, utilize manufacturer recommendations, consider how you drive, what your plans are for the vehicle, and your budget to help you formulate a maintenance plan that fits you and your vehicle. This outstanding maintenance review is complimentary and a great tool in helping you keep your vehicle safe and dependable for hundreds of thousands of miles.

Windows, Locks and Doors – Window mechanisms have become more complicated, with many vehicles featuring computer modules in both locks and motors. Many even require programming after installation. With quality diagnostic equipment, skilled ASE technicians, caring Service Advisors and quality parts we will have your windows, locks and doors operating perfectly.

Headlights, Parking and Brake Lights – From bulb replacement to headlight reconditioning, you can count on Beckwith’s Car Care to maintain your ability to see and your visibility to other drivers.

BG Products and Services – For over 15 years we have used BG Products in our own, our families and our customer’s vehicles. We use them because they work! We utilize this chemical line in all of our fluid services and are proud to offer a Lifetime Protection Plan on many of our customer’s vehicles.

Raging Bull Customs – From tuners to lift kits we offer professional installation of aftermarket accessories for your performance, off road or everyday vehicle. No Bull Customization by Professionals. We maintain the integrity of your vehicle and help you make informed decisions – while still having tons of fun with vehicle customization.


It is really very simple, everyone at Beckwith’s Car Care truly cares about you and your vehicle. Come experience the Beckwith difference!